Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Richmond has scholarships available for both our Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programmes. Click through the links below to find out if you are eligible to apply.

Once you have been made an offer to study with us, you will automatically be reviewed for scholarship eligibility.

Undergraduate Students

Postgraduate/ Masters Students

Important information

Richmond’s Office of Financial Assistance is available to help students access a variety of funding programs including Scholarship (academic merit based) awards, Grant awards and Student Loans to assist students with meeting their fees and living expenses.

It is important to remember that in nearly all cases, scholarships and financial assistance will only cover a portion of the annual tuition fees. You will need to meet the rest and all other costs, yourself.

Eligibility for the programmes varies greatly based on the student’s academic standing, nationality and level of financial need.


Richmond’s Open4Funding Network allows you to search hundreds of funding options inside and outside of the UK.

Visit the Open4Funding website for more details.

If you need assistance, please see us in the Student Affairs office or contact us at

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Other Sources of Finance

There is a variety of options in financial support available to our students. Browse the options below and see if you are eligible for financial assistance during your studies.

Additional Financial Assistance – UK Loan Programs (for non-US citizens):

Additional Financial Assistance (for US citizens):

Visit our Managing your Money webpage for more information on how best to manage your tuition fees as well as other living costs.

Funding for Postgraduate Students

You may want to have a look at these websites as they provide further information on how you can finance your postgraduate study in the UK: