Minor in Psychology

The Minor in Psychology covers the basics of the field such as childhood and developmental psychology. You can also expand on your knowledge by choosing from four additional Psychology-related courses.

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Programme Structure

Minor in Psychology
US Credits
UK Credits
PSY 3100 Foundations in Psychology 3 12
12 US credits or more from the following: Minimum of 12 Minimum of 48
PSY 3101 Psychological Debates and Controversies 3 12
PSY 4205 Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology 3 12
plus FOUR additional psychology courses. At least THREE at Level 5 or higher OR THREE at Level 6 Minimum of 12 Minimum of 24
Minor Requirements Minimum of 18 Minimum of 72


The professors, the courses and the environment prepare students to go into any field of Psychology and the internship opportunities both in London and around the world are abundant and very hands-on!

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Ben E AtzmonBA Psychology