Department of Liberal Arts

At Richmond American University London, we offer something really distinctive.

All our undergraduates study liberal arts as part of their degree, in addition to their major, specialist subject and a minor (if selected).

This is how liberal arts can benefit you:

  • Liberal arts study offers you the opportunity to build connections across subjects from history to philosophy, science to business, encouraging you to think in original ways and experience different disciplines.
  • Through liberal arts, you will be supported to develop adaptable, resilient, analytic, and evaluative skills and much more. These are the skills that employers seek.
  • Our liberal arts courses have a strong emphasis on service learning – working with outside NGO’s, non-profit organisations, and charities, to help you assess community needs while gaining vital work experience and building a network of contacts.
  • You can gain invaluable organisational experience on courses like Leadership in a changing world, Citizenship & Migration, and Environment & society where you will be working as consultants with London-based and international organisations on challenges they have identified.
  • Research & Writing Courses offer you additional academic support with university writing at all levels.
  • Environmental issues affect us all – our environmental courses in liberal arts will provide you with an understanding of different global environmental problems.
  • Internships and study abroad opportunities are also an important part of a liberal arts education which we encourage all our students to do, to help boost career prospects

You will gain so much more than academic study, as liberal arts will help you develop on both a personal and professional level as a global citizen.

Welcome to Liberal Arts at Richmond American University London. We’re looking forward to meeting you very soon.

The image shows a person with short hair wearing round glasses and a black turtleneck, against a plain blue background, slightly smiling.Dr Jane Norris
Head of Liberal Arts Department

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