Overseas Study Partners

At Richmond, we believe in providing access to education on a global scale. We strive to provide Richmond students and faculty, together with those of our partners, an opportunity for an international educational experience through exchange and collaboration programmes.

Our partners come from Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, South East Asia, the South Pacific and Africa. You can find the full list of our global partners below.

Prior to applying for the partnership exchange programme, please keep in mind:

  • You must have a 3.0 (or B average)
  • You must be in your sophomore (2nd) or junior (3rd year) of study when you complete the exchange
  • Classes taken while abroad at the partner institution will transfer back to your Richmond degree as TR (credit only – your GPA will not be affected) For further information, please consult the university’s Credit Transfer Policy
  • All 6000 senior level (4th year) courses must be taken at Richmond

Deadlines for internal applications:

Spring 2025: 16 September 2024
Fall 2025: 3 February 2025

If you would like to apply, click below to download our Global Mobility Application Form.

Once completed, please attach the application form, sample budget form,
unofficial transcript and academic reference to an email and send to: burtonm@richmond.ac.uk

Reference for Study Abroad

We need a reference from a member of current academic staff in order to make an assessment.

Download Reference Form >

Study Abroad Partners

View and download our visiting student brochure

Special Programmes

In partnership with Westminster University, PA, USA.

This special one-year study abroad micro-credential allows students to learn about Criminal Justice Studies in the US and the world and includes a chance to participate in Westminster’s Inside Out special prison programme. This is a great opportunity to not only Study Abroad in America but to enhance your career and interests in the field of Criminal Justice.

Students thinking of participating in this programme are reminded that some classes may not transfer depending on their RAUL degree, and that students who go on this programme, after getting approval from their advisor and the registrar, may have to take additional courses at RAUL to complete their degree. Students are also required to check any funding which they receive before participating, to ensure that they are able to get it for more than one semester’s leave.

Program Requirements

  • CJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies
  • CJS 202 Criminology
  • 4 (2-credit) Criminal Justice elective
  • 2 (4-credit) Criminal Justice elective
  • Participation in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program®

Courses taught by Westminster professors that are taken by both traditional college students and incarcerated students in a prison setting.

Funding Information

U.S. students are eligible to receive FAFSA funding while studying abroad at the following partner universities.

Please note: Exchange and Study Abroad students must be nominated by the International Programmes department of Richmond University before contacting or submitting an application to another partner university. Applications will be assessed on the basis of academic merit and disciplinary records.

Students interested in studying abroad at a non-partnership university need to contact the academic registry directly.

The SFE tuition loan is currently capped at £920 for SFE students studying abroad for the full academic year.

International Accredited Programmes

Before an institution can offer programmes that lead to a Richmond UK award, the institution must go through the process of Institutional Approval. This process ensures that Richmond’s validation partner institutions meet the required set of principles covering structures, management arrangements and procedures, and demonstrates it is trusted to provide a satisfactory environment for the delivery of programmes leading to a Richmond UK award.

Explore the International Partnerships: Richmond Validated Programmes webpage.

List of Articulation Partners and Agreements

Richmond, the American International University in London also has several articulation agreements with various university partners around the globe. These agreements allow students at specific universities and their partners to come to London to undertake studies with us.

Guangdong Baiyun University (BaiyunU), Guangzhou City, Guangzhou, is a private university with more than 18,000 students; it offers bachelor’s degree programmes under the auspices of Guangdong Provincial Government.

Website: en.baiyunu.edu.cn

  • 2+2 Marketing

Jiangxi University of Technology, Nanchang, Jiangxi, has been ranked #1 amongst private universities in China. It has 32,000 students, some 60 plus bachelor programmes and 35 postgraduate programmes.

Website: jxust.admissions.cn

  • 3+1 Media Studies
  • 3+1 Business Management: International Business
  • 3+1 Finance & Investment
  • 3+1 Film Studies