Clubs & Societies

Our motto is ‘Unity in Diversity’ providing internationalism and the London experience.

Belonging to a club or society, setting up an enterprise initiative, taking up a volunteer placement, or participating in a cultural trip builds well-rounded, mature and responsible individuals who go on to make a positive difference in the world.

University is about much more than in-classroom studying.

Supporting student organisations

A wide range of student-run on-campus clubs and societies offer students unique opportunities to develop their skills and experience in preparation for life after Richmond.

The Art Exhibition Society, for example, encourages students to explore the wonderful art galleries within London as well as meet with alumni working in the field, and the Green Project looks to impact the local community through hands-on volunteer work while student leaders from the International Affairs Society seek to develop greater international links.

We will empower students to get inspired, involved, and learn skills that will stay with them for life.
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Art Society is about providing a place and time for students during university life to create art, develop their techniques and portfolios, create bonds with fellow artists in the school, and build skills that will benefit their careers after university.

Chair: Amanda Falcon Ramirez & Maitreya Ravenstar
Social: @richmond_art_society

Economics and Investment Banking Forum aims to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and experience in Finance, Economics and Investment Banking fields, hopefully increasing their future career perspectives. Our club is open to all students so everyone has the opportunity to explore their fields of interest and contribute to the club’s direction. Currently, we are mostly focused on Investment Banking (M&A’s) and Corporate Finance aspects such as market research, financial analysis, business valuation and financial modelling.

Chair: Marcin Stryjecki

Fashion Society aims to bring together like minded students to discuss the latest trends and come together to create something unique. Fashion society is inclusive to all no matter how much experience you have. If you like to create, talk, or even just wear cloths fashion society is the place for you.

Chairs: Raphaella Pope and Bella Hoffman

Weekly or biweekly movie nights, discussions on upcoming movies, movie trivia, movie/tv show theme week, voting polls on favorite/least favorite characters.

We’re a team of dedicated tree-huggers who hope to contribute to sustainable living on campus and in the London community.

Chair: Sabrina Fielden
Social: raiulgreenproject

Her Campus is an online magazine at Richmond which is part of a global community of other chapters. We create written and social media content, host events and most importantly have fun while getting to know our female student community.

Chair: Olivia Fox
Social: @hcatrichmondlondon

The society is open to everyone regardless of how much you already know about Korean Culture.We aim to create a vibrant and welcoming environment that provide a opportunity to share your love and interests in Korean Culture. It can be K-pop, Kdramas, beauty and fashion, language, food or history.

Chair: Rabia Zulfiqar
Social: @RichmondKoreanSociety

Matrix is a new ‘incubator’ initiative that has been launched by Richmond Business School, it will be available to all Richmond’s students, staff and alumni. Visit MATRIX webpage.

Chair: Axelina Eriksson
Webpage: MATRIX

RPA exists to promote/support mental health across Richmond University, as well as provide educational talks and events focused around psychology.

Chair: Mya Chopra-McFarlane

This club aims to create a full functioning squad of football players, and will be competing in a league throughout the academic year hoping for the best league finish possible.

Chair: Yara Mansour and Ali Toema

We know how stressful uni can be– with countless hours of work to do it, occasionally you just need to let out some steam. Through exciting activities and events we encourage students to de-stress while developing teamwork and problem solving skills and most importantly having fun!

Some of our notable events include movie/musical nights, themed events and weekly Karaoke nights.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Theatre and performing arts industry has taken a heavy toll so starting this year, we aim to host a variety of fund-raising events in which part will be donated to the West End Theatre Support fund.

Chair: Sheila Mancilla
Social: @raiul_theatresociety

This club will give proper coaching and will teach the techniques need to play cricket with proper guidance and intelligence. The aim is to produce full squad of cricket, and to debut our university cricket team to league matches.

Chair: Shaunak Jani

Students who are interested in Math!

United in Diversity is RAIUL’s LGBTQIA+ Student Society. Its goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space for our university’s LGBTQIA+ students. We organize events such as film screenings, game nights and other social events.

Chair: Jonathan Cassanova
Social: @raiul_unitedindiversity

Student Ambassadors

Become a Student Ambassador and embark on a rewarding journey where you earn while you learn, gain invaluable work experience, develop essential skills, and expand your network for the future. You’ll collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, ages, and nationalities, honing your communication and team-building abilities along the way.

Recruiting passionate students at the start of each academic year, the Student Ambassador program offers opportunities to engage in various on-campus and London-based events, working alongside peers and staff members.

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