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We are now offering face-to-face, on-campus teaching. We have all learnt that the situation with Covid can change, so we have precautions and contingencies in place in case any action is necessary. If you have any questions please contact Student Affairs at

Changes may include a blended approach to learning with a combination of in-person teaching and online learning. We will also continue to provide our wide range of social activities and personal support, to deliver an all-round student experience.

For more information regarding Covid-19 please visit our dedicated webpage.

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Richmond’s online approach to teaching, learning and assessment is led by Dr Katya Toneva, a highly experienced education professional, who said:

My aim as Digital Learning Officer is to ensure that the high standards of teaching excellence at Richmond apply just as much to the online teaching experience for students as they do in-person.”

Hear from our faculty and students

Our faculty and students play a vital role in ensuring the best possible online learning environment. Hear from them how this has been achieved at Richmond.

People are sharing their experiences and opinions about online earning opportunities. Full Text: ONLINE EARNING HEAR FROM THE USERS

“Online learning at Richmond has been great. During my MBA programme the University provided us with several tools such as Blackboard Collaborate, we have a Whatsapp group and mentors who are really easy to reach, especially as we are all travelling and not on UK time any more. The University has really made the difference.”

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Steven Sinisi,MBA student

“As a student-centred university, your well-being is really important so we are setting up our teaching in a way that will nourish you academically, nurture you individually and will protect you from COVID-19. 

To that effect, we are planning to deliver our teaching in a variety of formats. You will be able to access to recorded lectures, engage in live webinars and workshops, asynchronous active work, and skype us individually through tutorials or one-to-ones. We’re also going to create lots of ‘watercooler’ moments to allow us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. I hope you can join us in September!”

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Professor Eunice Goes

“With our virtual learning, we aim to have a lot of clarity with any tasks set, with detailed instructions, so that students in any part of the world in different time zones can access them. At the same time, the tasks are challenging, asking students to find a unique solution which could involve a critical approach such as doing research and presenting the results in different formats such as written and spoken. Our emphasis is on the student doing rather than receiving.”

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Assistant Professor Jake Barber

“Our BA Psychology students who were doing internships this year have all done them online this year and they’ve worked really well. The internship roles have varied from helping charities that support vulnerable people to domestic violence victims and children who have special needs and need extra support with home schooling.”

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Professor Ira Konstantinou

Blackboard Course – Home Page Showcase

Blackboard is our virtual learning environment used across all our programmes at Richmond, encompassing course materials, assignment submissions, tests/quizzes, and assessments.

Our video conferencing software, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, enables faculty to organise ‘virtual classroom’ sessions with students, wherever they are located. These can be interactive seminars, tutorials or meetings with students.

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