Student Complaints & Appeals

Situations may arise where students are facing difficult situations that are affecting their academic experience. The University welcomes feedback from students if there is a genuine problem, and University officials need to be informed about it in order to respond.

The University operates several procedures for these different situations which are outlined by distinct policies listed on the Policies information page.

The University wants to ensure that students feel confident in selecting the appropriate route to address particular issues, and advises that they become familiar with relevant policies at the very start of their academic journey.

Academic Grade Challenge – If you believe that an error has occurred in the grading of your work, you may contest that decision by following the procedure outlined in the Academic Appeals Policy Relating to Grade Challenges.

Attendance Failure Appeals – If you have been awarded an Attendance Failure (FA) grade and believe that you have genuine reasons to have the FA removed, you may lodge an official appeal by following the procedure outlined in the Academic Appeals Policy: Attendance Failures. Do ensure to read the Mitigating Circumstances Guidance if you are facing challenges attending class and before lodging your appeal.

Non-Grade Related Appeals – If you have been given a decision by an academic body that relates to your progression and/or student conduct, and you are dissatisfied with that decision, you may request a decision review by following the procedure outlined in the Academic Appeals Policy Relating to Non-Grade Appeals.

If in doubt about the correct avenue to follow, and for any further guidance on the above University procedures, contact the Department of Student Affairs at and/or consult with your Academic Advisor, the appropriate Associate Dean of your School, or the Appeals Team at

*Depending on the Academic Appeal route undertaken to address your specific concerns, you will need to refer to and complete one or more of the following documents in order to officially lodge your appeal.

For further guidance on the appeals process, please see:

For any other complaint related concerns refer to the Complaints Policy: Academic Related Matters (CPAR) and/or Non-Academic Related Matters Complaints Policy (NARCP).

Please refer to Formal Complaint Forms listed below:

For further guidance on the complaints process, please see: