Minor in Digital

This programme will enable students to acquire essential digital skills alongside a critical understanding of the complex digital environments emerging globally.

Students will be able to develop their skills in key areas such as coding, digital content production and data analysis.  Alongside these, they can gain a critical awareness of security and the impact of digitally networked forms of cultural communication and business organisation on many layers of society.

Integrating theoretical perspectives and digital skills, students will use a variety of research methodologies and apply digital languages to a range of learning environments such as business, psychology, marketing, visual culture, and international relations.

Programme Structure

Minor in Digital Studies
US Credits
UK Credits
DGT 4100 Coding, Content and Context I 3 12
plus ONE of the following: 3 12
COM 4115 Digital Society 3 12
MGT 3201 Foundations of Computer Applications 3 12
plus any level 5 or 6 with DGT prefix Minimum of 3 Minimum of 12
plus THREE of the following: Minimum of 9 Minimum of 36
ADM 6102 Web Design 4 16
COM 5230 Creating Digital Images 3 12
JRN 6101 Media, Ethics and Law 4 16
MKT 6101 Digital Marketing and Social Media 4 16
PSY 6103 Brain and Cognition 4 16
Minor Requirements 18 72