Minor in Economics

The Minor in Economics will give you an essential insight into micro and macroeconomics in your first two courses, then expands to give you the full choice of finance or economics courses in the last four.

Programme Structure

Minor in Economics
US Credits
UK Credits
ECN 3200 Foundations of Economic Ideas 3 12
ECN 4105 Introduction to Microeconomics 3 12
ECN 4110 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 12
plus THREE Level 5 / 6 with ACC Minimum of 9 Minimum of 36
Minor Requirements 18 72


I initially chose to study Political Science and History however, I decided to switch majors because I felt that the Economics programme would provide me with the skills needed to work in my chosen industry.
I got a lot of support from the school to come and study here which is something I consider very important coming from a developing country (Dominican Republic).
Perhaps the strongest quality the university has is that the teachers are very approachable and accessible. I have a good working relationship with my professors which has enhanced the learning experience and the way I feel about my classes and education in general.
I would recommend students with an international background to come to Richmond, and they will have a lot of support from the administration and teachers. The key thing here is to tap into these resources to enrich your university experience in a truly unique way.

Marlene Dieckert
Carlos Francisco Restituyo VassalloBA Economics