Minor in Environmental Studies

The minor in Environmental Studies introduces the student to the major themes in this field, including ecology, environmental ethics and environmental science, and well-known environmental issues such as global warming and climate change, ozone depletion, pollution, and energy and population issues. The minor also allows students to develop their interest in more advanced areas of environmental studies including energy politics, environmental politics, sustainability, and environmental economics.

Programme Structure

Minor in Enviromental Studies
US Credits
UK Credits
ENV 3125 Foundations in Environmental Studies 3 12
ENV 5100 Environmental Ethics: Green Principles 3 12
TWO of the following: Minimum of 6 Minimum of 24
ENV 3120 Energy: A Global Perspective 3 12
ENV 4100 Endangered Species 3 12
PLT 4102 Rich World, Poor World 3 12
plus TWO of the following: Minimum of 6 Minimum of 24
ECN 5200 Public Economics 3 12
INR 5103 Global Energy Politics 3 12
PLT 5103 Politics of Environmentalism 3 12
PLT 6104 Sustainable Development 4 16
Minor Requirements Minimum of 18 Minimum of 72