Minor in Fashion Marketing

The University’s Fashion Marketing minor can be a great opportunity for your future business or academic career. The course modules are challenging, but relevant, interesting and core to business and fashion studies.  A minor in fashion can be a good Unique Selling Point, improving your chances of being admitted to post-graduate programmes, or enhancing your employability in all industry sectors that value robust skills in Creative Industries, such as advertising, publishing, crafts, music, journalism and many others.

Programme Structure

Minor in Fashion Marketing
US Credits
UK Credits
MKT 3200 Foundation of the Business of Fashion 3 12
HST 4405 History of Fashion 3 12
MGT 4100 Introduction to Management 3 12
MKT 5200 Principles of Marketing 3 12
plus TWO of the following: Minimum of 6 Minimum of 24
MKT 5405 Fashion Marketing and Retail 3 12
MKT 5410 Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods 3 12
MKT 6102 Ethical Fashion and Sustainability 4 16
MKT 6103 Fashion Product Development 4 16
Minor Requirements 18 72