Minor in Finance

The Minor in Finance explores financial and managerial accounting and corporate finance and expands into the fields of finance and economics.

Please note, this minor is not available for students majoring in Accounting and Finance.

Programme Structure

Minor in Finance
US Credits
UK Credits
MGT 3200 Foundations of Business 3 12
ACC 4200 Financial Accounting 3 12
ACC 4205 Managerial Accounting 3 12
FNN 5200 Corporate Finance 3 12
plus TWO Level 5 / 6 with ACC Minimum of 6 Minimum of 24
Minor Requirements 18 72


Small size classes allows me to participate and ask questions in classes. I find one to one interaction with professors an essential part of effective learning, and Richmond provides this to all students.
Some classes can be challenging, but I learn the most from these classes and actually enjoy them. I have to admit I like being challenged, and Richmond sure does challenge me in many ways!

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Cenk BuyuksolakFinancial Economics BA