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Minor in

International Business

At Richmond, our approach to learning is based on the US educational system, giving you more choice and flexibility.

One way this greater choice is shown is through the options given to students. Alongside your main subject specialism or ‘major’, you can add extra flavour to your degree by taking a ‘minor’, an optional, additional subject which doesn’t need to be related to your major but it could be a subject that you’re passionate about. Or it could give you a competitive edge when it comes to graduation.

The Minor in International Business studies introduces you to business and entrepreneurship, macroeconomics and microeconomics. You then get a chance to develop your knowledge in management and international business.

Please note, this minor is not available for students majoring in Business Management or Marketing.

Programme Structure

Minor requirements – US Credits 18 – UK Credits 72

For more detailed information on each of the course specifications, please visit our webpage here.

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Minor in International Business
US Credits
UK Credits
MGT 3200 Foundations of Business 3 12
MGT 3210 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 12
ENT 4100 Introduction to Management 3 12
plus THREE level 5 / 6 INB courses Minimum of 9 Minimum of 36
Minor Requirements 18 72

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What our students say

“A key element of the Richmond experience was that students learn to respect, value and appreciate the diversity of others; something I feel cannot be taught in the classroom.

One of the many reasons I enjoyed my time at Richmond was because of the diversity of backgrounds and personalities of the students. Additionally, I recognized the benefits of small class sizes and the opportunities for creating strong ties with fellow students.”
– Vasi Papadopoulos, Business Administration: International Business

What is the Liberal Arts?

We understand that not everyone is familiar with the Liberal Arts education system. That is why we have produced a short guide explaining the structure at Richmond as well as the benefits.

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